Metal Architecture - trend of 21century

Gallery of building applications with perforated metal, expanded metal and steel gratings 
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Perforated sheets, expanded metal, steel gratings are more and more popular metal applications in architectural design of the exterior and interior of the new modern buildings. Used ing found in the construction of facades, exterior blinds, in unusual balcony and railings fillings, emergency staircases covering as well as material for atypical ceilings and partition walls. It is also used for the street furniture. Wide range of products is used not only in construction but also in technologies for agriculture, food, chemical and mining industries.

The examples used in construction in the Czech Republic, it is possible to mention an effective decorative covering of expanded metal roof on the Congress Center in Zlin, business and entertainment center NISA in Liberec, which facade of aluminum expanded metal emphasizes the rounded lines of the building while covering the construction and technological equipment allows unlimited variability.

BB Centrum in Prague covered with a special acoustic wall made of drilled perforated plates can be seen from the highway D11 Prague-Michle.

Brno Exhibition Centre is worth seeing the Pavilion F.  Front facade of perforated sheet serves as sun blinds in front of a glass facade.

In the Northern Moravia at the station in Ostrava-Svinov you can see a metal ceiling cassettes and covering of expanded metal. It covers elements of the technological equipment of new glass station halls. From the Observation Tower at the top Hnědý in the Giant Mountains you can have a look to the region. On the central wooden construction are fixed steel gratings as well as spiral treads.  The balconies are filled with expanded metal. Another nice references of companies  PERFO LINEA, TECHNOTRON-METAL and PERFORA could be found on these pages. Welcome!

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Applications of perforated metal materials

Perforated sheets and expanded metal have a wide range of applications in various insdustries:  

Modern architecture & design

  • municipal furniture, street furniture and amenities for public spaces (i.e. park benches, bus stop shelters, trash receptacles, banisters, etc.), outdoor furniture, billboards, message and notice boards, modern furniture decorations, shelf systems, covers for lighting fixtures and heating units, decorative grilles,
    litter baskets, household appliances, etc.


  • casting, jacketing, facade systems, decorative false ceilings, balustrades, balcony panels, arcades and awnings, roller blinds and shutters, gates, fences, screens, grates, safety coverings, grills, acoustic panels, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, diffusers and ventilation outlets, cable trays, heaters, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

  • machine and equipment components, bracing and reinforcements, shelving, etc.

Car-production and aerospace & transportation

  • lorries, buses, trains, subway trains, ships, airbag traps, loud speaker covers and car tuning, etc.

Electrotechnical industry

  • electronic boards, sheet metal cases for computers, videos, satellite receivers and transmitters, set-top boxes, casings for house service boards, etc.


  • pastry and pizza baking sheets, sugar refineries, dairies, malting plants, flour mills, roasting plants, electric energy generators, filtering systems, food production, gas turbines, breaking and crushing plants, grinding mills, mining industry, crude oil wells, paper industry, cement plants, pharmacies, petrochemical,
    chemical and steel industries, recycling.


  • farm machines and equipment, grain dryers, grills for tractors, floor grills for stables and cowsheds, drying and separating sieves, grain silos, enclosures for shipping of cattle, hoppers for grain and
    vegetable by-products, potato separators, chaff shredders.

White goods

  • coolers, draining boards, washing machine filters, doors for microwaves, drums for washing machines, centrifugal vessels, grills for kitchen stove vents and range vent hoods, grill racks, supplementary graters for meat-grinding machines, perforated lids for pots and pans, etc.